Tuesday, 15 September 2015


When a woman finally decides to bring up her children on her own, there's nothing she hasn't seen not to make her move on. It's really ok doing so, because you no longer have to put up with certain things just to be seen you have a man in your life, married, one complete family, but deep down you are unhappy, just bleeding inside, putting up with a lot, some bare all that for the kids. The society on the other hand expects us to tolerate, put up with everything simply because we are women. So as a woman are you willing to wait for change that might come or not, or are you in a position to walk out and stand on your feet and say this is it. but then again is it always about what other people think, what the'll say that counts? when is it going to be about you and what you want. When a woman  says enough is enough then she has reached her maximum. That particular moment you get to free yourself, find peace and the courage to stand on your own and fight for your children because for once in your life you pleased yourself and not the world. so even if it's only you and the kids it's ok, things will work out at some point, with or without a man in your life.God just has a way of providing when one has a child, you will never lack. some of us will be happily married, unhappily married, some divorced and some single mothers, all of that is ok, because at the end of the day we can never be the same. That is just what makes life life.

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