Tuesday, 20 March 2012


A pelican sign
Definitely a passenger crossing
A lot of oomph needs to be emphasized on our rights
An adamant refusal that must be accepted
May be we can plant a chaplet of flowers in honor of it
Yapping all through won’t bring out the solution
Accidents happening on a daily basis
It’s not a yoke of slavery so let’s face it
Holding hands as one and presenting the solution
Let’s quit the blame game and save lives!

Monday, 12 March 2012


Sometimes we believe
When others tend to deceive
While some just receive and give a testimonial answer
Others create a different impression
The most refraining part of life
May be just the ancient truth of life itself
A two way path it is and will
We’ll tip toe to the eventful end
Even when life becomes a sour grape and the ray of hope grows dimly dark.

Thursday, 8 March 2012


Hurray Hurray……!
Who reigns in this race? All who have the will to win.
Helter skelter the villagers ran because of the rain and its trodden drops. In real sense it seemed like a thriller in the theatre because both young and old were thrilled leading to tizzy demonstrations yet no one was actually tipsy. Part of a minor celebration that was so incredulous and had the sense of the gods involved.
Cheerio Cheerio …….!
Adios to the dry motherland that left the land cracked.
The particular scene that gripped and brought fear and no one seemed to adhere to the forth coming idea full of tears. Even the tubby and the wacky comedians could not be secluded from this gradual event.


A peculiar smell, makes me feel a bit peckish because of the aroma.
I relish great meals, to dine out with my family and friends
Ding-dong its dinner time, dilly-dally not an option am having a slap up treat
Gorgeously dressed, definitely a distinctive day from the rest
 One of the fine days that I get to dance to rumba and tango
Crème de la crème moments of my life…!
So thankful for being a precious being, especially to those who consider me one.