Thursday, 20 December 2012


If we sum up our calculations with actions,
Sometimes when all is gone on and on and everything is lost,
There is always someone who helps us fight the odds,
We being the whole lot,
Times maybe hard but he offers us a helping hand,
The road might be rough, hard not steady,
But he loads off the burden even when things harden,
Being at ease and holding on to the word makes us at peace,
It may seem like a battle we won’t ever win,
In and out we fall still sinning,
Believing is the in thing if we’ll continue winning,
Getting the wake up call,
It's already morning,
Why the moaning,
Ill things you did that’s why you are demeaning,
Come to him willingly and forget about the hiccups,
You have been picked up,
He’s the help we need, that’s for real,
Can’t be compared to any being,
He makes the blind see,
Why be darkened by the darkness,
He’s pulled many from the brink of sin,
So why blink and think twice!

Monday, 24 September 2012


When it’s a bit blurred and hard,
Everything getting a little hefty,
Nothing interesting,
All is fading, doors closing,
Steady we are heading,
Do not worry you’ll never know the ending,
Whistle a hymn of praising and let God do the amazing,
No matter the situation,
He’s always been my source of communication,
With everything I mention,
He always takes action,
Do not lean on your own understanding,
Let him be the done deal.

Monday, 17 September 2012


A busy day it’s always been,
In all ways,
Take it easy, there’s a pay day,
Make hay while the sun shines,
Shine on,
Ooh you beings,
Day and night the struggle continues,
Don’t mind the height,
Main effort being the day’s menu,
With everything included,
Tax is not excluded,
Mind you,
Be it the rich or poor,
Fight for what's yours,
They’re two different worlds but heading towards the same direction,
Many trying to term it as surviving and not living,
In thing,
Chances of a better tomorrow but tiresome chances to undergo through,
With every touch,
Cash seems to be a rare catch!


Every time we tend to be fully and completely taken away, that’s when other things tend to open themselves out of the closed caskets. At times we might be fully aware of what we ought to do and the cause of alarm to overlap. But each day we hold on and gain absolute strength to exhale all our problems out. In real sense what about destiny? I’m I the only person who believes in it, may be! There are certain things we ought to abandon, forget and despair for the sake of everything coming in handy. Certainly in many scenarios “never say never” since we truly don’t know what tomorrow brings forth. In reality can we be so sure of ourselves to an extent of making a fifty-fifty decision which doesn’t end up with regret? Maybe, what a life! 

Friday, 14 September 2012


Be yourself,
Exercise patience, if this makes sense,
Don’t be demeaned, that’s indeed,
Persistence pays, even when things get a bit intense,
In sense there are a few successes behind every mess,
Arise and be wise,
After the demise of the perfect dream,
Don’t quit with the chase,
No matter how mere it dims,
Never cease, always at ease,
Better keep up with it,
The die is cast, that’s a fact!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Hell no, its heaven and beyond,
I want to rail on,
Can you hear my hail Lord,
The load is too heavy,
If any
Am head on from all odds,
Reaching on,
The backbone of the gospel,
A no zone for spells,
Not some magic, how many do imagine,
Tot after tot many are totally losing it,
Really feeling it,
It’s faith we building in him,
A lasting resort,
Before the end, aid finding the lost and almost found.

Monday, 10 September 2012


Life is painful to many,
But there is a curve that makes us smile again,
Now and then,
We go down the drain with few successions happening,
Eyeing the crown to be the one,
indeed tomorrow brings a different forth,
Mountains seem even higher for us to finish the climb,
Is it about I and I to be among the chosen few we would want to be,
With comforts and treasures of life being thrown at us,
Maybe tossing the coin will be the only chance,
The bet being the head or tail.

Thursday, 30 August 2012


In all the names of history it doesn’t ease the agony of the past. But in all the forsaken truth of reality, the divine presence of everything is what has opened up now. The galore of true beauty and success by a helping hand sent to me by the almighty. The true revelation or a password to what I term as a hidden agenda. The abject reality of what lies in the heart and not some flimsy idea put to book. In detailed many gallants may actually think am going gaga, but hell no! It may just sound like an incursion that may want to create a bogey sense of emotion. But don’t put the blame on me, may be alcohol if that’s what Jamie foxx meant. Finally free from the chain of pain and heart ache to my many untold stories. A new chapter of that special someone that one adores so much, and you can’t let go since they are dear and precious. The only source of what comes once in a lifetime and just brings in joy and the confidence to face each day as it comes.

Saturday, 18 August 2012


I may not be wealthy but I have a rich heart,
I may not be the best but am definitely not a failure,
I may not be right but am not always wrong,
I may not be as white as snow but am the fairest of them all,
I may not be driving but I certainly make it on foot,
I may not be friendly but who said am a loner,
I may be working but who said I’m in the right job,
I may be down to earth but who said I’m short,
I may be a light eater but who said I eat as long as there’s light,
I may be depositing 2kgs but who said I have to flush twice,
I may be angry but not implying I’m always this hungry,
I may be beautiful but not a beauty fool at all,
That's how ironic the world can be!

Monday, 6 August 2012


A princess in disguise,
What if there was a tale about you to tell,
Beautiful in every single way despite all the flaws and imperfections,
No perfect being yet condemnation from the so called perfect ones,
The true world we live in and will always be,
The main gist is being a sedate being, hands akimbo and shoulders held high,
Brushing of the onlookers who admire your life and pretend they dont,
Eat life with a big spoon and let them swallow the bitter fruit,
Choose not to be cowed but be defiant and full of confidence,
They have their eyes on the price and thats seeing you fall!


My granny was 90.
But you can imagine she always considered herself young at heart.
I have a vague idea of how she looked at 20 though, since she tried to regale me with stories of how she was then a beauty queen.
Gosh, shes the dame!
A guy said that to her those days before he fell off the cliff, apparently he turned out to be our grandfather.
In as much as shes long gone, at least I have certain things to hold on too as part of a souvenir.
Its not a stunt just to let you read this its about a woman with a good heart, a philanthropist, no phantom, she was a grandma to few but a mother to many.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Birthday Girl...!

Here we go September,
It’s my birthday remember?
The only time I get to eat taffy and everyone gets home in a jiffy,
There isn’t any stormy weather the sky is brighter than ever,
Yippee……finally in my fluffy coat not so choosy after all,
Party like a rock star and forget am a year older,
Lift my hands up to the sky and let my problems fly away
Forever eighteen and still under my mama’s roof!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


I’m that gum that’s so sweet but still gets you hungry
I’m that nice friend that’s so dear but still gives you a heart ache
I’m that busy bee that won’t stop buzzing near your ear
I’m that bad breath that gets you extremely quiet
I’m that pretty lady that gets you knocked over
I’m that drop of rain that gets you a cold
I’m that silly mistake that lands you to jail
I’m that fifty cent that makes you a window shopper
I’m that silly fart that gets the room a bit uncomfortable
I’m that harmful kiss that made you a mother
I’m that unknown hub that runs your world!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


A pelican sign
Definitely a passenger crossing
A lot of oomph needs to be emphasized on our rights
An adamant refusal that must be accepted
May be we can plant a chaplet of flowers in honor of it
Yapping all through won’t bring out the solution
Accidents happening on a daily basis
It’s not a yoke of slavery so let’s face it
Holding hands as one and presenting the solution
Let’s quit the blame game and save lives!

Monday, 12 March 2012


Sometimes we believe
When others tend to deceive
While some just receive and give a testimonial answer
Others create a different impression
The most refraining part of life
May be just the ancient truth of life itself
A two way path it is and will
We’ll tip toe to the eventful end
Even when life becomes a sour grape and the ray of hope grows dimly dark.

Thursday, 8 March 2012


Hurray Hurray……!
Who reigns in this race? All who have the will to win.
Helter skelter the villagers ran because of the rain and its trodden drops. In real sense it seemed like a thriller in the theatre because both young and old were thrilled leading to tizzy demonstrations yet no one was actually tipsy. Part of a minor celebration that was so incredulous and had the sense of the gods involved.
Cheerio Cheerio …….!
Adios to the dry motherland that left the land cracked.
The particular scene that gripped and brought fear and no one seemed to adhere to the forth coming idea full of tears. Even the tubby and the wacky comedians could not be secluded from this gradual event.


A peculiar smell, makes me feel a bit peckish because of the aroma.
I relish great meals, to dine out with my family and friends
Ding-dong its dinner time, dilly-dally not an option am having a slap up treat
Gorgeously dressed, definitely a distinctive day from the rest
 One of the fine days that I get to dance to rumba and tango
Crème de la crème moments of my life…!
So thankful for being a precious being, especially to those who consider me one.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012



A thrilling composure indeed….!
The smile, the beautiful laughter not excluding the adorable chuckle, part of what hands out the priceless gift called happiness which comes from deep within.
The  cry, the bitter frowned face, the undisputed anger, the thousands of piles that seem to overpower our minds and make us feel as though we are powerful enough to conquer all.
 Some have the evil eye and wish for the worst, others really nice we can mistake them for angels.
A toast to the losers of the game, virtues of potential aliens and not humans.  Ego centric and ready to pull others down, plan the trick and pull them down .
   Sunset it is, what happens around us is what makes the world so interesting!