Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Not the usual cliche,
I look familiar......hell no!
That's juicy,
We can always have a bite....melon,
So much in my head
My solace better be my pillow,
I love colors,
We can do the blocking....rainbow,
The roman god of love,
Always with his bow and arrow,
The road to heaven is narrow,
I don't know,
Many say so,
A bet on your life's predictions,
So i
They follow,
You need my back,
I bring tears in your eyes,
It's my journey,
I ride alone,
Hands off me......homo,
I'm not your usual chic.....common,
I'm here to save the day....zorro,
Feeling a bit mellow,
I call in the shots double,
Half truths......hollow,
Always at your back like a shadow,
People can stoop so low,
Life is not a game of,
Everyone needs a guide.....motto,
It's christmas,
We already having carols,
I want to see the future,
I'm feeding on carrots,
I just don't care about now.......but morrow,
It's not always about the looks but morals*

Thursday, 7 November 2013


A brand new month,
Walk on the right path,
Give a helping hand,
Everyone needs one,
It's a cycle,
Goes round in circles,
Life isn't easy,
A real tussle,
Lies break ties that bind,
Can be a hard nut to crack,
Not everyone will always have your back,
You will have to work your way at times,
Even cry,
But wipe them dry and arise,
If you are brave,
Brace it,
You've got to be tough enough,
To face it,
If it's sore,
Make it a closed chapter,
Take a different turn,
A run for your life,
Wear that smile,
Look at how far you've come,
You had the potential,
Very exceptional,
You were in your own den,
No one needed your help,
They need you now,
That's when it hits them you are heaven sent,
A core,
That gives them hope,
You've gone the extra mile,
You give them the drive,
Everyone is here by chance,
Wasn't a must!

Thursday, 24 October 2013


Soft whispers,
Soothing to my ear,
A kiss he blew,
The love grew,
You were different from the rest,
The best he could ever get,
A rare kind,
Difficult to find,
Even dared to care,
Wearing that ring,
A wife to be,
Him on one knee,
Begging you please,
Screaming in disbelief,
Everyone proud of us,
What we've become,
And not just me,
Get to wear that gown,
Can't hold back,
Just breakdown,
All envious frown,
One huge entourage,
A place of rest,
Away from lifes distress,
Not our usual residence,
An angel,
Showed a different angle to life,
Sent from above,
What a bird,
Was all in the mind,
Just living a lie!

Monday, 7 October 2013


A triumphant shout,
Said together in unison,
Let us toast to life,
Give a high five,
Who run the world,
Men need us,
That is bound,
We make the world go round,
They have no grounds,
To make us not be crowned,
As sweet as it sounds,
Y'all need to applaud,
Not just blowing the trumpet,
We make things happen,
Behind every successful man,
There is a woman,
Might come at a cost,
But something to boast,
Is worth fighting for,
Just a tip,
Go find your missing rib,
Get a
It's all in your effort,
League another level,
At least we'll consider you straight,
Not hating on the gays,
Everyone has a preferred taste,
Get to suit yourself,
So not unless you are using honey,
Life without love is like tea without sugar,
Not sweet until you find someone who makes you feel complete,
Sweeps you off your feet,
Your knight in shining armor,
Stands by you through thick and thin,
When you start glowing,
That's love growing,
An epic affair,
Is beyond looking good together,
Making a wonderful pair,
Be of good courage,
You'll do marvels,
Breach of trust,
Might take a turn,
Both of you taking charge,
Is urged,
You are one,
Brace yourselves,
Pray for grace,
A few challenges will put you to a test,
Do not succumb to them!

Monday, 30 September 2013


Do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that have no more that they can do(luke12:4)
We are one,
We need to unite,
Yes we can,
Pangs of sadness,
Was sudden,
We lost lives,
Dry your tears,
No need to cry,
Living in fear,
Asking questions why,
It's hard saying goodbye,
Losing someone you love,
A family member or a friend,
Feels like you've been pushed to a dead end,
You just need a break,
But all is not lost,
Keep hope alive,
The patriotic citizens we are,
We've come a long way,
Had so much to grapple with,
To part ways,
We are one nation,
Even in times of tension,
We need that cohesion,
Let them lose sleep,
Because we are at peace,
Before they blink,
 We'll be at the peak,
United we stand,
They can attack,
But they cannot kill who we are,
We are one!

Thursday, 19 September 2013


You had eyes
But you couldn't see,
You tossed a coin
Forgetting there are two sides to it,
You started a race
That you couldn't finish,
You walked on fire
But you chose to let it burn,
You wrote a song
But you couldn't sing.,
You played a tune
But you couldn't dance to it,
You made promises
That you couldn't keep,
You are full of pride
Might make you fall back,
I grew nails
That i later came to bite,
You had ears
But you couldn't hear,
You told lies
That you wanted somebody else to believe,
You are lion the king of the jungle
But why are you being cowed,
You are the prince
But why are you chasing poor cinderella,
You once made sense
They thought it was pure nonsense,
You are strong
Continue pressing on,
You are short
That's why you stand up tall,
You have the answers
So fill in the blanks,
I grew nails
That i later came to bite.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

AN MEINEM GEBURTSTAG (on my birthday)

It's a baby girl,
Was cuddled,
 A bundle of joy,
Brought fun to a dull house,
 On 4th September,
I got to be a member,
 How many do remember,
Happy birthday to me,
By his grace i still live,
 Able to breathe,
In him i believe,
Gives me all i need,
 I hear it's nothing but a number,
My math right, Just turned twenty three,
A bath right,
Twenty three buckets of water,
 All on me,
That's the show,
 I disclose,
Still with my folks though,
No hoax, Living the dream,
In my prime of life,
Might come in as a shocker,
 A broader perspective,
Now a year older,
 Pretty young or old,
I'm caught in between,
Blessings i have seen,
 Even my eyes can't believe this,
 An extra candle lit,
Another wish for me,
There's much in store,
Rekindles my hope,
With great zeal,
Hurdles i handled,
 My entire being,
Woven into a date,
A few changes made,
A day i can't forget,
More of being indebted,
Having an exuberant mood,
Finger licking food to get you full,
A luscious cake being baked,
 A kick start to my morning,
 Sweet smelling rose,
On my door,
At the break of dawn,
The only time everyone gets home in a jiffy,
 There isn't any stormy weather,
The sky is brighter than ever,
Yippee....finally in my fluffy coat,
Not so choosy after all,
 Can't wait to lay my hands on the gifts,
Presents for me to receive,
Party like a rock star,
I'm the star tonight,
Shining bright up high!

Monday, 26 August 2013


11 o’clock, Just sipping my tea, Flipping over the pages of my sisters new magazine, Having a sneak peek, Before I go to sleep, Was deep into thoughts, Something to do with my blog, Was almost dozing off, Before I got a phone call, A friend of mine, Janey, Been long gone, Took hold, So it happened, As the story unfolds, One of those Saturdays, When you wake up late, Forgetting you had a date, Alarmed, You jump out of bed, Up and down, Getting everything ready, Being the sassy dresser she is, Had to don everything right, In a nick of time, She was done, Got to the next available hunk of junk car, Clutch purse at hand, Off to town, Oldonyo Street, Being the meeting point, All along it was a planned proposal by Jeff, Janey had no idea, She got there first, A bit pissed, Being the gentleman he is, Why is he keeping me waiting? After a while he arrived, Apologized for not being on time, Told her they needed to talk, Saying he’ll make it snappy, Held her hands, Slowly he said, It’s been years, But I’m sorry, I’ve been leading you on for so long, This relationship hasn’t been working out for me, I want something complete, Wasn’t easy for me, Had to gather up courage to do this, Shocked by his words, Janey stood glued, Wearing a poker faced expression, She knew she was in for another break up, What do you mean? Tried to blink, But couldn’t hold back the tears, Not again, It was too much for her, One by one, People started to gather, On seeing this, Jeff went on his knees, From his pocket removed the ring, Janey couldn’t believe her eyes, She wept even more, Tears of happiness this time, She’s been waiting for this moment for ages, It was finally here, Another title to her name, Was a sight to behold, Jeff said,
It’s only been four years, But I want you for a lifetime, You are the best I ever had, I want to make you mine, Janey, Will you marry me? You rarely get proposals being done on the streets, This one was unique!

Friday, 16 August 2013


When it hits your head,
Like where are we headed,
That you can't dismiss,
Gives you chills,
It's deep down to what you feel,
You say my name in the morning,
 You say my name in the evening,
You say my name every time,
That's how much i revolve around your world,
Let us fight for today,
Forget our yesterday,
Await our tomorrow,
Believe in us,
Make it last,
This is love beyond lust,
To you i come first,
 The rest last,
Two hearts now one,
You are my number one fan,
I love you for that,
Let's explore,
Get to see more,
That there is,
Like it has always been,
Not ready to share me with anyone,
You are that mean,
How come,
How long,
Will i still be tied down,
Will you stay with me forever,
Everyday beside me,
I've been thinking about you lately,
On the boat we sailing,
Now and then still my source of strength,
The crush you once had,
Now has so many flashbacks,
Even when the rain falls,
You'll still remain my sunshine.


I'm awakened,
Came a bit late,
But if i backdate,
I had always been in the dark,
Until i decided to adopt a light,
Life is full of surprises,
One got me mesmerized,
Nobody's perfect,
Not even me,
We all have flaws,
I once grew fond,
Had that bond,
All along,
I was wrong,
So odd from the one i believed in,
But now i know,
Got me to my toes,
Closed my eyes to what i could see,
Blinded by love,
Didn't for see,
The rage,
Got me caged in,
A lesson learned,
A page turner,
I'm so over and done,
That's how time flies,
But that was then,
That's why i base it as a fairy tale,
Once upon a time,
You had the best,
 But still settled for less,
It's your loss and i drink to that,
I am the best thing you never had,
 That somebody else now does,
You are part of that dream i woke up from,
Because right now am wide awake,
Thanks to you,
Turned out to be a blessing in disguise!

Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Walking alone,
Might seem like a long road,
So odd,
On your own,
Until it dawns,
It's not,
Past tense to what's gone,
It's one big yawn,
My new mode,
Makes a few heads nod,
Just a broad hint,
Rail on,
On the scene,
So thankful for being me,
Who else would i have been,
Not everyone would like what they see,
But i mean,
Some wish they could give me a kiss,
On the cheeks,
To them am a queen,
That's how ironic it can be,
I have the will,
Even fighting for that hope that's slim,
It's feeding yourself what you need,
Seeds you'll come to yield,
Can be seen in your deeds,
I believe!

Friday, 26 July 2013


Your eyes blink,
Clock ticks,
Within a nick,
Words sink in,
Don't be quick,
Have peace,
Don't be enticed,
Be wise,
Might take a while,
See what lies,
Open up your eyes,
The feeling inside,
You need no one beside,
To decide,
Have a candlelit,
Off the hot seat,
Clench your fist,
Not in for defeat,
Get over it,
Draw the line,
Might not be a next time,
Set your bar high,
Aim for the sky,
Finish the climb,
It's your life!

Saturday, 20 July 2013


You are able,
Very capable,
Amiable personality,
You have what it takes,
God's time is the best,
Why the haste,
What's next,
It had to start with me,
Down on my knees,
Didn't know how to start,
My quest for being a writer,
Got me writing,
A few had my back,
So thankful for that,
Got me to where I am,
Discovering myself,
Was of help,
Started when I was sixteen,
A teen,
Had many interests,
Wanted something in depth,
Many went musical,
That wasn't for me,
For real,
On that part,
My art was different,
Writing and reciting,
That's how I got myself here,
Wasn't really easy,
Getting people reading,
Was so keen,
Not to omit a thing,
A first timer,
Doing something she loved,
Many laughed,
Folks made jokes,
At some point I lost hope,
Couldn't cope,
Thought I wasn't fit,
Almost called it quits,
Wanted to take a break,
Something was a miss,
That I could see,
Words can break you,
Be focused,
They'll make you,
Stood my ground,
A profound come back,
Was proud,
In for another round,
Didn't waver,
Had to build up my confidence,
Be content,
My plan of action,
Being devotion,
Talk of passion,
I'm not at the peak,
As I speak,
But watch out for me,
I depict!

Sunday, 14 July 2013


Still flying high,
Why lie,
I’m in cloud nine,
Still the host,
It does cost,
 Pining for what’s lost,
Hold close,
What you desire most,
Critics never sleep,
Let you be,
Always displeased,
I write to inspire,
It’s a lesson you require,
You will have,
Just seek it from above,
It’s not a deal to be sealed,
As realistic as it seems,
More of a magnetic feel,
That’s deep,
But heals,
One treats you bad,
On your heels,
Don’t always go with the flow,
Because everyone’s doing so,
It’ll hit you like a blow,
Take it slow,
If it makes you cry,
More than you smile,
Say goodbye,
They gave up on you,
 That they knew,
Always celebrate,
Don’t hate,
It’s never too late,
To wait!

Saturday, 29 June 2013


Time to switch,
Once you get that twitch,
Ditch the forbidden ways,
Be fishers of men,
You wish,
Make each day a success,
Stop living a mess,
Still in a daze,
Set your own pace,
Ace it,
Regardless of your race,
Life is a teacher,
Time is a healer,
The road might be bumpy and dusty,
Thirsty you are for something,
Experiences make you learn,
Stronger you become,
Trust no man,
They are just human,
Stand up tall,
Walk the talk,
There is an answer to every prayer,
Someone still cares,
No need to be sorry,
Your faith will get you there,
You don't have to sin to be seen,

Friday, 14 June 2013


When i was a little child,
I was the only one she had,
Plus dad ofcourse,
They were both glad,
Always held me close,
Chose the best there was,
Clothes to toys,
Had it all,
Was a huge task,
Never asked,
Round of applause for her,
Couldn't differentiate right from wrong,
I was the one she longed for,
Never liked everyone though,
Was just being a baby,
one or two persons,
People who brought gifts with them,
Candy i'd say,
Months passed,
I grew up,
Finally from crawling to walking,
That's when dirt was good,
There was a new kid on the block,
Trendy she was,
My mama made me rock,
But now am all grown,
A young woman in the making,
Her words are full of assurance,
We have this resemblance,
Took a glance when i had the chance,
Hands up high,
Still thanking the most high,
Played a big role in my life,
Gave me hope,
I am blessed,
Fixed sense into my head,
No need for pretence,
Got pinched,
Every time i went astray,
She led the way each day,
Everything else at bay,
Great is her love,
Never fades,
Still taking after her,
I emulate!

Friday, 7 June 2013


Am having that groove,
Makes me want to try something new,
There is something in you,
There is something in me,
Something that makes all of us unique,
Learn to give,
Don't always receive,
Do something about it,
Don't just sit,
Face your fears,
Don't always run away from them,
There is a reason behind that,
Don't always ask why,
Learn to lean on God,
He will give you what your heart desires,
Every time you point a finger,
Remember three of them always point back at you,
Sometimes you can't always cry,
Blink repeatedly,
You have a reason to smile,
You started on a bad note,
Don't worry there is always a happy ending,
You are capable of going the extra mile,
Set your mind right,
Nothing is too difficult for you to try,
Do what you love,
Work with what you have,
Be the change you want to see,
Thank God for everyone who comes into your life,
Whether they left a good or a bad mark,
They taught you something that nobody else did,
That is why you learnt from it,
Appreciate where you are today,
Its better than where you were yesterday.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

BACK THEN WHEN..........

You are beautiful,
She smiles,
Took a deep sigh,
Asking God for a sign,
Was a murmur,
Made her Stammer,
She has changed a lot since then,
This dame,
Staring at her mirror,
She had something inner,
Was all clear,
A new being was here,
She shed so many tears,
Not again for someone who wasn't dear,
Couldn't believe her eyes,
The lies,
Not even lend her ears,
Had been years,
Upstanding he was,
So she thought,
He towed her heart though,
Felt the hurt,
Couldn't adapt to the fact,
Was told the worst,
By someone she trusts,
He made her believe,
Indeed she did,
Everything became unusual,
When she started being more visual,
Many were interested,
Friends could attest,
But for just one man,
She turned them down,
Picking up the pieces,
Everything down the drain,
The pain,
Made her stay by herself,
It died a long time ago,
She was told,
Took her time to load,
You didn't know?
So he said,
It's all behind her now,
She vows,
Got tired banging on his door,
On the know,
Hoping he found the happiness he wanted,
Found peace in his life,
Not haunted,
Talk of forgiving,
She's healing,
That's when one plus one was two,
Not eleven,
Finally adding up,
She loved,
A history that makes a story,
She writes!

Thursday, 23 May 2013


Chasing that dream,
You are not alone,
We are the cream team,
That believes in him,
Give thanks for being alive,
There is more to life,
Than what meets the eye,
At least you can feel your heart beat,
Others have been hard hit,
Had it,
Still facing the music,
Off beat,
Take the front seat,
News beat,
Defeat is not in our list,
No retreat,
A gleam of hope is what we see,
In his word we lean,
Makes us light up with delight,
Mighty are his works,
You stumble and fall,
He picks you up,
So many times,
You still wonder why!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Its sunrise once again,
I break the ice,
Has pulled me to greater heights,
Full of might,
We've grown so tight,
My helping hand through the fight,
Made me stand upright,
An expression of gratitude,
Done with utmost attitude,
The wink made me blink,
Had to link up,
Has made me weak in the knees,
Turned to weeks,
I have that look,
Don't get yourself hooked,
Just like a tree i have roots,
Followed a different route,
Been booked,
A walk in the moonlight,
Has turned to be a taboo,
So cool,
Had to put it to book,
Took me a while to make it worthwhile,
Never been stuck,
Better said,
If you wanted to be of aid,
Am in safe haven,
Thank heavens!

Monday, 22 April 2013


That moment when you languish in pain,
All in vain,
Tears of anguish won’t stop flowing,
Get going,
Cast your focus on what’s forward,
Pat yourself on the back,
Let go of the past,
Everything happened in a trance,
Still trying to find the trace,
Tired of the chase,
Was a race,
Hence my aim,
Walk on another lane,
Stop being lame,
In every terrible ordeal,
He is able,
Made the blind see,
Do you know what that means?
Never give up on the power of prayer,
Erase the errors,
We are on a new endeavour,
Forever he reigns and still finds favour,
Be of great valour,
He is our only saviour,
It’s only by faith for us to move mountains!

Thursday, 11 April 2013


When you are at the end of the road,
Pushed to the wall,
Not knowing which way to go,
Things on the down low,
Don't let it burn you inside,
Get to hide,
Look at the brighter side,
Its no mystery,
Despite it being history,
What happened to the dialling darling,
You have to be a fighter,
Things getting tighter,
Don't do quits,
Yes sweets,
It finally hits,
Turned up the heat,
Believing in love,
Is it always in the beginning,
One beautiful thing,
An awesome feeling,
That gives life a true meaning,
But still comes to an ending,
What happened to the promises,
I was once the princess,
Built castles in the air,
Thought we'd get to have an heir,
Seems we weren't yet there!

Monday, 1 April 2013


Such a nervy day it was,
Did i even hear you right,
Started finding it all hard,
Awe is the word i suppose,
Needed the support,
Who would have thought,
Had to take a long pause,
Happened so fast,
Didn't know how come,
Came at a time when nothing really had meaning,
Not even life,
Am still alive though,
Day after day it gave me a reason for living,
Such a beautiful feeling,
Always felt like a dream,
A hymn is what i had to sing,
I was upper no one would have dragged me under,
Its only thanks i had to utter,
No matter how much i was chocked up,
Couldn't just let myself drown,
Had to calm down,
Deep down i needed to take a breather,
Am out in the cold,
No bonfires at all,
Has turned out to be the usual norm!