Saturday, 29 June 2013


Time to switch,
Once you get that twitch,
Ditch the forbidden ways,
Be fishers of men,
You wish,
Make each day a success,
Stop living a mess,
Still in a daze,
Set your own pace,
Ace it,
Regardless of your race,
Life is a teacher,
Time is a healer,
The road might be bumpy and dusty,
Thirsty you are for something,
Experiences make you learn,
Stronger you become,
Trust no man,
They are just human,
Stand up tall,
Walk the talk,
There is an answer to every prayer,
Someone still cares,
No need to be sorry,
Your faith will get you there,
You don't have to sin to be seen,

Friday, 14 June 2013


When i was a little child,
I was the only one she had,
Plus dad ofcourse,
They were both glad,
Always held me close,
Chose the best there was,
Clothes to toys,
Had it all,
Was a huge task,
Never asked,
Round of applause for her,
Couldn't differentiate right from wrong,
I was the one she longed for,
Never liked everyone though,
Was just being a baby,
one or two persons,
People who brought gifts with them,
Candy i'd say,
Months passed,
I grew up,
Finally from crawling to walking,
That's when dirt was good,
There was a new kid on the block,
Trendy she was,
My mama made me rock,
But now am all grown,
A young woman in the making,
Her words are full of assurance,
We have this resemblance,
Took a glance when i had the chance,
Hands up high,
Still thanking the most high,
Played a big role in my life,
Gave me hope,
I am blessed,
Fixed sense into my head,
No need for pretence,
Got pinched,
Every time i went astray,
She led the way each day,
Everything else at bay,
Great is her love,
Never fades,
Still taking after her,
I emulate!

Friday, 7 June 2013


Am having that groove,
Makes me want to try something new,
There is something in you,
There is something in me,
Something that makes all of us unique,
Learn to give,
Don't always receive,
Do something about it,
Don't just sit,
Face your fears,
Don't always run away from them,
There is a reason behind that,
Don't always ask why,
Learn to lean on God,
He will give you what your heart desires,
Every time you point a finger,
Remember three of them always point back at you,
Sometimes you can't always cry,
Blink repeatedly,
You have a reason to smile,
You started on a bad note,
Don't worry there is always a happy ending,
You are capable of going the extra mile,
Set your mind right,
Nothing is too difficult for you to try,
Do what you love,
Work with what you have,
Be the change you want to see,
Thank God for everyone who comes into your life,
Whether they left a good or a bad mark,
They taught you something that nobody else did,
That is why you learnt from it,
Appreciate where you are today,
Its better than where you were yesterday.