Thursday, 30 August 2012


In all the names of history it doesn’t ease the agony of the past. But in all the forsaken truth of reality, the divine presence of everything is what has opened up now. The galore of true beauty and success by a helping hand sent to me by the almighty. The true revelation or a password to what I term as a hidden agenda. The abject reality of what lies in the heart and not some flimsy idea put to book. In detailed many gallants may actually think am going gaga, but hell no! It may just sound like an incursion that may want to create a bogey sense of emotion. But don’t put the blame on me, may be alcohol if that’s what Jamie foxx meant. Finally free from the chain of pain and heart ache to my many untold stories. A new chapter of that special someone that one adores so much, and you can’t let go since they are dear and precious. The only source of what comes once in a lifetime and just brings in joy and the confidence to face each day as it comes.

Saturday, 18 August 2012


I may not be wealthy but I have a rich heart,
I may not be the best but am definitely not a failure,
I may not be right but am not always wrong,
I may not be as white as snow but am the fairest of them all,
I may not be driving but I certainly make it on foot,
I may not be friendly but who said am a loner,
I may be working but who said I’m in the right job,
I may be down to earth but who said I’m short,
I may be a light eater but who said I eat as long as there’s light,
I may be depositing 2kgs but who said I have to flush twice,
I may be angry but not implying I’m always this hungry,
I may be beautiful but not a beauty fool at all,
That's how ironic the world can be!

Monday, 6 August 2012


A princess in disguise,
What if there was a tale about you to tell,
Beautiful in every single way despite all the flaws and imperfections,
No perfect being yet condemnation from the so called perfect ones,
The true world we live in and will always be,
The main gist is being a sedate being, hands akimbo and shoulders held high,
Brushing of the onlookers who admire your life and pretend they dont,
Eat life with a big spoon and let them swallow the bitter fruit,
Choose not to be cowed but be defiant and full of confidence,
They have their eyes on the price and thats seeing you fall!


My granny was 90.
But you can imagine she always considered herself young at heart.
I have a vague idea of how she looked at 20 though, since she tried to regale me with stories of how she was then a beauty queen.
Gosh, shes the dame!
A guy said that to her those days before he fell off the cliff, apparently he turned out to be our grandfather.
In as much as shes long gone, at least I have certain things to hold on too as part of a souvenir.
Its not a stunt just to let you read this its about a woman with a good heart, a philanthropist, no phantom, she was a grandma to few but a mother to many.