Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Not the usual cliche,
I look familiar......hell no!
That's juicy,
We can always have a bite....melon,
So much in my head
My solace better be my pillow,
I love colors,
We can do the blocking....rainbow,
The roman god of love,
Always with his bow and arrow,
The road to heaven is narrow,
I don't know,
Many say so,
A bet on your life's predictions,
So i
They follow,
You need my back,
I bring tears in your eyes,
It's my journey,
I ride alone,
Hands off me......homo,
I'm not your usual chic.....common,
I'm here to save the day....zorro,
Feeling a bit mellow,
I call in the shots double,
Half truths......hollow,
Always at your back like a shadow,
People can stoop so low,
Life is not a game of,
Everyone needs a guide.....motto,
It's christmas,
We already having carols,
I want to see the future,
I'm feeding on carrots,
I just don't care about now.......but morrow,
It's not always about the looks but morals*