Wednesday, 29 February 2012



A thrilling composure indeed….!
The smile, the beautiful laughter not excluding the adorable chuckle, part of what hands out the priceless gift called happiness which comes from deep within.
The  cry, the bitter frowned face, the undisputed anger, the thousands of piles that seem to overpower our minds and make us feel as though we are powerful enough to conquer all.
 Some have the evil eye and wish for the worst, others really nice we can mistake them for angels.
A toast to the losers of the game, virtues of potential aliens and not humans.  Ego centric and ready to pull others down, plan the trick and pull them down .
   Sunset it is, what happens around us is what makes the world so interesting!



I shed no tear now lend me your ear
Part of a tradition I am accustomed too
Take the lead and show me the way
The road to righteousness and truth
 A verse from the scriptures lightens up my day
Living today and hoping for tomorrow
Let me preach the gospel and cast out evil
Pleasures of life will make me go down the drain.

Monday, 20 February 2012


We stretch our arms
The armor of harmony in us
The glare of the sky above

Arrow keys pinpointing humanity
Curtains of shadows uncovered partially.
Thirsty we are for harmony
 Disbelief and resentment glared
Healing the wounds of freedom
Adios to the first family we knew
Indeed we walk and not fly.
We believed in shallow tales
That we weren’t to ever entail
In every deep subjected debate
We create the picture till date
When the reality was once casted
Rather than merely being broadcasted


I want to have peace,
How I want to be free,
Free like a bird and fly high into the sky,
So near my dear,
How I wish you would hear,
It’s so clear and am here,
It’s the pattern of love,
Really painful at times,
Sometimes we feel like giving up,
 But the memories keep pulling us back….


I have passion to change myself
Change is in me and I do believe
I have passion to fly high
Higher than the skies but am truly lighter
I have passion to better my best
That’s my dream and I dare to be a dreamer
I have passion to forget the past
But my tomorrow seems muzzier than today
I have passion to make a statement
Sky is the limit and many will be filled with amusement
I have passion to be happy
But tears find their way into my eyes
I have passion to be a philanthropist
But what can I do when I don’t have a single cent

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


I guess it’s my nature,
I travel waters just to flow in your motion,
I'm into you like a sworn emotion
Strong emotion
That sways in every bit of my intention
War has never been the answer peace is what we need!

All bloody no one considered
Even the little kid Dee- Dee wasn’t spared
Anyone talking about brotherhood?
That is the only dream that the chosen few woke up from
Bitter taste of pain chocked the hearts of many
War has never been the answer peace is what we need!

Fair it ain't
We do hear of fairy tales though
Many told some yet to be unveiled
The sum of our calculations well figured out
Destruction part of our souvenir
War has never been the answer peace is what we need!

Saturday, 11 February 2012


The clock is ticking…..!
Ever-never,  mind you never ever have I ever done this before
Its part and parcel of my first footage
Not a token, just taking of the truth through the true gospel that it is….
Rather indeed, had I flipped up the mention.
Going back and forth he remains the father of all nations full of affection and perfection for his eye catching creation, where every breathing being is bound to have a mansion.
Backed by thanks and a handful appreciation to Jesus, my true love revelation.
Because of heed through him there is manifestation.
The only sword is the book of action
 The bible a book of books full of solutions
The only express ticket to salvation
That casts out much intention, setting aside lamentation
Throwing in inventions, Part of what unveils my true identification

Thursday, 9 February 2012


I personally have a wish
So strong, so passionate
Some have it ……. others still looking for it
An admiration of the perfect match that the world has offered
So nice from afar since I view it from a distance and my hands can’t stretch far from my joints.
Painful it has always been and adios to the bad old days. A different highway of beautiful thoughts and wishes is actually what captivates me to await tomorrow's outcome.
The perfect play of the lucky ones with a more fascinating story and scenario of pure passion that no wine can reach its true level of class .
A pinch of the true identity of who we truly are, is what I cant shun down as if it has no existence.
A wishful thinking of joy and happiness put forward by a rightful decision that has been acted upon in the hope that all goes well and passes fully into people’s lives.
A clear indication of one true artifact to withhold in every serene lodge and exquisite palace.
A wishful thinking of true love and happiness.....!

Friday, 3 February 2012


Very soothing it may sound
The beautiful serenade for the one I love
Brighter than the scarlet pathways
A fascinating card game well defined
The combinations well complimented
The only apple of my eyes sweeter than lemonade
A tambourine dance galore for my true one!

There is no time to linger
You capture the eye and I’m the admirer of your disguise
The future is for us so dare to be a dreamer
Never let me go gaga because of our love adventure
Fly away never despair you are God sent and I’ve accepted
Its not a willy-nilly situation my ring awaits you down the aisle
A tambourine dance galore for my true one!

You are what I term gorgeous
Simple, elegant, classy, you have it all
You embraced my winter moments into summer
We are on the upper never leave me under
You are passed creation kindly let me utter
I know it’s a yes your silence says the rest
A tambourine dance galore for my true one!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


It was a huge and eye catching vase,
Who in all the names had a fling that it actually costs a fortune,
So simple yet full of class and touch,
Part of a mere introduction of the most distinguished and upholded till eternity,
A gaze of the many pot bellied mouths of rainbow throwaways,
so small but then again very high and mighty,
The unbeaten bitter taste of the real and renowned warriors of the game,
Tik- tok to the unknown visitor of redemption, so sophisticated and honoured,
The soft wind just swaying dust in its utmost serene brimming humanity with blindness and blinking our watery eyes from draining,
A fore tale of the red Indians told
So true but then again a section of the latter legendary too many,
The only broad way of what we believe and not what we truly see with our naked eyes.