Thursday, 10 December 2015


A bet on my life with pounds,
Conscience haunts,
As the pressure mounts,
Won’t fall to the ground,
There’s nothing I haven’t seen,
To lose sleep,
That’s not pinned in the book of deeds,
Root to the weeds,
Biting the hand that feeds,
Thanks giving from the mean,
To pass unmentioned,
On my lips,
Crisp clear,
That ain’t sin,
So who’s clean,
To throw stones,
We let the cock crow,
Raising brows,
To who has no flaws,
Living each day by grace,
On the base,
Looking up to see his face,
Doesn’t see me any less,
Though I make mistakes,
Pull down on the brakes,
My life is at stake,
Tap me to wake,
From this fake,
Make of me,
I’m human,
Made out of man,

Tuesday, 17 November 2015


A message for you,
In you I found love,
So true,
Who else would I be with,
If not you,
Added meaning to my life,
Can’t put my fingers to the time,
When falling in love was a crime,
And everything else felt so right,
No longer a dream,
Like it seemed,
Rubbing my eyes to know it’s real,
Deep down to what I feel,
To believe,
A wishful thinking,
Gets me smiling when he’s winking,
You and me,
Makes my heart beat,
Feeling the heat from my feet,
Was with me when I was broken to bits,
Down on my knees,
A couple of dates candle lit,
We are on the right track,
Both stuck,
No peddling back,
When am down,
My shoulder,
Always comes around,
Growing fonder,
As we ponder like there’s no tomorrow,
 The Pillow fights,
We’ve grown so tight,
My sunshine,
Even through the cold nights,
When we’d watch the stars,
 Twinkle So bright,
We rekindled our times,
My giggles,
Every time you whistled,
Holding hands,
In arms,
Such moments don’t pass us ,
You have my best interests at heart,
Hats off for loving me without end,
You are just like me,
My alter ego,
We roll  :-)

Monday, 5 October 2015


Giving thanks for her daily,
I hold her close,
The force,
My source of strength,
From the Lord,
Maintained the bond,
Has seen me through all odds,
24hrs on,
Answering every time I called,
Has been faithful,
I’m forever grateful,
I can’t tell how strong I have become,
Moving mountains,
By faith,
Just for her,
In God’s grace,
I found rest,
Stood the test of time,
Knowing He’s the great I AM,
The milestones,
Challenges coming head on,
Reminded me He’s GOD,
I’m to hold on,
Through him battles are won,
For a king is born,
Reaching for the sky,
Flying high,
Bring up a woman,
With a heart of gold,
                                                                             So precious,
Nothing measures,
May God always watch over her,
Give her good health,
Lighten up her path,
Make her life worthwhile,
It’s the love only a mother can feel,
The blessing only a mother can give.
With my two hands I never knew I could,
But Jesus knew I would,
He has proved.

Friday, 18 September 2015


when you hear the wails and bite your nails,
when you hit the streets,
On four wheels,
Forgetting you are another being,
When you abide by the rules for he who rules,
When you triumph over once mess than success,
When you get a good book that's food for you,
When you know you've become of age and things need to change,
When you play the game that came with fame,
when you slap yourself hard for not being heard,
when you act tough but having it rough,
when you run fast from your past,
It's not a curse that's been cast,
When you try to wake up from a dream that's real,
When you are perfectly fit but feel terribly sick,
When you need a hug and no one comes by,
They pass us bye,
When you need to preach and everyone's out of reach,
When you despair,
Life not fair,
When you know the world more than the word,
When you hold on knowing all is not lost,
When you unwind,
Getting things off your mind,
When you find Jesus and know He's with us,
When you praise for being raised,
when you see the good He has done and be glad,
when you don't have it all but you still have God,
when you say Amen it shall be well.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015


When a woman finally decides to bring up her children on her own, there's nothing she hasn't seen not to make her move on. It's really ok doing so, because you no longer have to put up with certain things just to be seen you have a man in your life, married, one complete family, but deep down you are unhappy, just bleeding inside, putting up with a lot, some bare all that for the kids. The society on the other hand expects us to tolerate, put up with everything simply because we are women. So as a woman are you willing to wait for change that might come or not, or are you in a position to walk out and stand on your feet and say this is it. but then again is it always about what other people think, what the'll say that counts? when is it going to be about you and what you want. When a woman  says enough is enough then she has reached her maximum. That particular moment you get to free yourself, find peace and the courage to stand on your own and fight for your children because for once in your life you pleased yourself and not the world. so even if it's only you and the kids it's ok, things will work out at some point, with or without a man in your life.God just has a way of providing when one has a child, you will never lack. some of us will be happily married, unhappily married, some divorced and some single mothers, all of that is ok, because at the end of the day we can never be the same. That is just what makes life life.

Thursday, 8 January 2015


From divine,
Appreciation to the most high,
Came just in time,
My dedication,
To my baby,
My inspiration,
But can still afford a smile,
No less,
Her eyes,
Just like mine,
Brightens up my day,
Dimples well defined,
A princess,
One of a kind,
Blessed to find,
All we ever wanted,
Finally gotten,
Came from me,
Made by us,
What binds,
Has brought nothing but luck,
On my path,
Since birth,
Never lacked,
Changed my life in so many ways,

Not just one,
Just praises,
Words cannot explain,
From that pain,
I gained,
A mother,
am named,
Always staring at her,
She laughs coz am too much,
Such a beauty,
Who wouldn't do that,
Motherhood not easy,
But time will elapse,
But am ready,
To watch her grow,
Be a grown woman,
Make her own,
She's my reason for living
So am in it!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Not the usual cliche,
I look familiar......hell no!
That's juicy,
We can always have a bite....melon,
So much in my head
My solace better be my pillow,
I love colors,
We can do the blocking....rainbow,
The roman god of love,
Always with his bow and arrow,
The road to heaven is narrow,
I don't know,
Many say so,
A bet on your life's predictions,
So i
They follow,
You need my back,
I bring tears in your eyes,
It's my journey,
I ride alone,
Hands off me......homo,
I'm not your usual chic.....common,
I'm here to save the day....zorro,
Feeling a bit mellow,
I call in the shots double,
Half truths......hollow,
Always at your back like a shadow,
People can stoop so low,
Life is not a game of,
Everyone needs a guide.....motto,
It's christmas,
We already having carols,
I want to see the future,
I'm feeding on carrots,
I just don't care about now.......but morrow,
It's not always about the looks but morals*