Thursday, 30 May 2013

BACK THEN WHEN..........

You are beautiful,
She smiles,
Took a deep sigh,
Asking God for a sign,
Was a murmur,
Made her Stammer,
She has changed a lot since then,
This dame,
Staring at her mirror,
She had something inner,
Was all clear,
A new being was here,
She shed so many tears,
Not again for someone who wasn't dear,
Couldn't believe her eyes,
The lies,
Not even lend her ears,
Had been years,
Upstanding he was,
So she thought,
He towed her heart though,
Felt the hurt,
Couldn't adapt to the fact,
Was told the worst,
By someone she trusts,
He made her believe,
Indeed she did,
Everything became unusual,
When she started being more visual,
Many were interested,
Friends could attest,
But for just one man,
She turned them down,
Picking up the pieces,
Everything down the drain,
The pain,
Made her stay by herself,
It died a long time ago,
She was told,
Took her time to load,
You didn't know?
So he said,
It's all behind her now,
She vows,
Got tired banging on his door,
On the know,
Hoping he found the happiness he wanted,
Found peace in his life,
Not haunted,
Talk of forgiving,
She's healing,
That's when one plus one was two,
Not eleven,
Finally adding up,
She loved,
A history that makes a story,
She writes!

Thursday, 23 May 2013


Chasing that dream,
You are not alone,
We are the cream team,
That believes in him,
Give thanks for being alive,
There is more to life,
Than what meets the eye,
At least you can feel your heart beat,
Others have been hard hit,
Had it,
Still facing the music,
Off beat,
Take the front seat,
News beat,
Defeat is not in our list,
No retreat,
A gleam of hope is what we see,
In his word we lean,
Makes us light up with delight,
Mighty are his works,
You stumble and fall,
He picks you up,
So many times,
You still wonder why!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Its sunrise once again,
I break the ice,
Has pulled me to greater heights,
Full of might,
We've grown so tight,
My helping hand through the fight,
Made me stand upright,
An expression of gratitude,
Done with utmost attitude,
The wink made me blink,
Had to link up,
Has made me weak in the knees,
Turned to weeks,
I have that look,
Don't get yourself hooked,
Just like a tree i have roots,
Followed a different route,
Been booked,
A walk in the moonlight,
Has turned to be a taboo,
So cool,
Had to put it to book,
Took me a while to make it worthwhile,
Never been stuck,
Better said,
If you wanted to be of aid,
Am in safe haven,
Thank heavens!