Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Walking alone,
Might seem like a long road,
So odd,
On your own,
Until it dawns,
It's not,
Past tense to what's gone,
It's one big yawn,
My new mode,
Makes a few heads nod,
Just a broad hint,
Rail on,
On the scene,
So thankful for being me,
Who else would i have been,
Not everyone would like what they see,
But i mean,
Some wish they could give me a kiss,
On the cheeks,
To them am a queen,
That's how ironic it can be,
I have the will,
Even fighting for that hope that's slim,
It's feeding yourself what you need,
Seeds you'll come to yield,
Can be seen in your deeds,
I believe!

Friday, 26 July 2013


Your eyes blink,
Clock ticks,
Within a nick,
Words sink in,
Don't be quick,
Have peace,
Don't be enticed,
Be wise,
Might take a while,
See what lies,
Open up your eyes,
The feeling inside,
You need no one beside,
To decide,
Have a candlelit,
Off the hot seat,
Clench your fist,
Not in for defeat,
Get over it,
Draw the line,
Might not be a next time,
Set your bar high,
Aim for the sky,
Finish the climb,
It's your life!

Saturday, 20 July 2013


You are able,
Very capable,
Amiable personality,
You have what it takes,
God's time is the best,
Why the haste,
What's next,
It had to start with me,
Down on my knees,
Didn't know how to start,
My quest for being a writer,
Got me writing,
A few had my back,
So thankful for that,
Got me to where I am,
Discovering myself,
Was of help,
Started when I was sixteen,
A teen,
Had many interests,
Wanted something in depth,
Many went musical,
That wasn't for me,
For real,
On that part,
My art was different,
Writing and reciting,
That's how I got myself here,
Wasn't really easy,
Getting people reading,
Was so keen,
Not to omit a thing,
A first timer,
Doing something she loved,
Many laughed,
Folks made jokes,
At some point I lost hope,
Couldn't cope,
Thought I wasn't fit,
Almost called it quits,
Wanted to take a break,
Something was a miss,
That I could see,
Words can break you,
Be focused,
They'll make you,
Stood my ground,
A profound come back,
Was proud,
In for another round,
Didn't waver,
Had to build up my confidence,
Be content,
My plan of action,
Being devotion,
Talk of passion,
I'm not at the peak,
As I speak,
But watch out for me,
I depict!

Sunday, 14 July 2013


Still flying high,
Why lie,
I’m in cloud nine,
Still the host,
It does cost,
 Pining for what’s lost,
Hold close,
What you desire most,
Critics never sleep,
Let you be,
Always displeased,
I write to inspire,
It’s a lesson you require,
You will have,
Just seek it from above,
It’s not a deal to be sealed,
As realistic as it seems,
More of a magnetic feel,
That’s deep,
But heals,
One treats you bad,
On your heels,
Don’t always go with the flow,
Because everyone’s doing so,
It’ll hit you like a blow,
Take it slow,
If it makes you cry,
More than you smile,
Say goodbye,
They gave up on you,
 That they knew,
Always celebrate,
Don’t hate,
It’s never too late,
To wait!