Thursday, 7 November 2013


A brand new month,
Walk on the right path,
Give a helping hand,
Everyone needs one,
It's a cycle,
Goes round in circles,
Life isn't easy,
A real tussle,
Lies break ties that bind,
Can be a hard nut to crack,
Not everyone will always have your back,
You will have to work your way at times,
Even cry,
But wipe them dry and arise,
If you are brave,
Brace it,
You've got to be tough enough,
To face it,
If it's sore,
Make it a closed chapter,
Take a different turn,
A run for your life,
Wear that smile,
Look at how far you've come,
You had the potential,
Very exceptional,
You were in your own den,
No one needed your help,
They need you now,
That's when it hits them you are heaven sent,
A core,
That gives them hope,
You've gone the extra mile,
You give them the drive,
Everyone is here by chance,
Wasn't a must!