Friday, 14 June 2013


When i was a little child,
I was the only one she had,
Plus dad ofcourse,
They were both glad,
Always held me close,
Chose the best there was,
Clothes to toys,
Had it all,
Was a huge task,
Never asked,
Round of applause for her,
Couldn't differentiate right from wrong,
I was the one she longed for,
Never liked everyone though,
Was just being a baby,
one or two persons,
People who brought gifts with them,
Candy i'd say,
Months passed,
I grew up,
Finally from crawling to walking,
That's when dirt was good,
There was a new kid on the block,
Trendy she was,
My mama made me rock,
But now am all grown,
A young woman in the making,
Her words are full of assurance,
We have this resemblance,
Took a glance when i had the chance,
Hands up high,
Still thanking the most high,
Played a big role in my life,
Gave me hope,
I am blessed,
Fixed sense into my head,
No need for pretence,
Got pinched,
Every time i went astray,
She led the way each day,
Everything else at bay,
Great is her love,
Never fades,
Still taking after her,
I emulate!


  1. wow this is nys galfrend...ur jus a girl after my own heart...i hav this. poetic side of me i never reveal... i think al come out now so to speak :)... its nys...I LOVE IT.

    1. You are welcome my dear,i appreciate.Nothing is too difficult for you to try, go for it!