Sunday, 14 July 2013


Still flying high,
Why lie,
I’m in cloud nine,
Still the host,
It does cost,
 Pining for what’s lost,
Hold close,
What you desire most,
Critics never sleep,
Let you be,
Always displeased,
I write to inspire,
It’s a lesson you require,
You will have,
Just seek it from above,
It’s not a deal to be sealed,
As realistic as it seems,
More of a magnetic feel,
That’s deep,
But heals,
One treats you bad,
On your heels,
Don’t always go with the flow,
Because everyone’s doing so,
It’ll hit you like a blow,
Take it slow,
If it makes you cry,
More than you smile,
Say goodbye,
They gave up on you,
 That they knew,
Always celebrate,
Don’t hate,
It’s never too late,
To wait!

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