Saturday, 18 August 2012


I may not be wealthy but I have a rich heart,
I may not be the best but am definitely not a failure,
I may not be right but am not always wrong,
I may not be as white as snow but am the fairest of them all,
I may not be driving but I certainly make it on foot,
I may not be friendly but who said am a loner,
I may be working but who said I’m in the right job,
I may be down to earth but who said I’m short,
I may be a light eater but who said I eat as long as there’s light,
I may be depositing 2kgs but who said I have to flush twice,
I may be angry but not implying I’m always this hungry,
I may be beautiful but not a beauty fool at all,
That's how ironic the world can be!

1 comment:

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