Thursday, 30 August 2012


In all the names of history it doesn’t ease the agony of the past. But in all the forsaken truth of reality, the divine presence of everything is what has opened up now. The galore of true beauty and success by a helping hand sent to me by the almighty. The true revelation or a password to what I term as a hidden agenda. The abject reality of what lies in the heart and not some flimsy idea put to book. In detailed many gallants may actually think am going gaga, but hell no! It may just sound like an incursion that may want to create a bogey sense of emotion. But don’t put the blame on me, may be alcohol if that’s what Jamie foxx meant. Finally free from the chain of pain and heart ache to my many untold stories. A new chapter of that special someone that one adores so much, and you can’t let go since they are dear and precious. The only source of what comes once in a lifetime and just brings in joy and the confidence to face each day as it comes.

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