Thursday, 20 December 2012


If we sum up our calculations with actions,
Sometimes when all is gone on and on and everything is lost,
There is always someone who helps us fight the odds,
We being the whole lot,
Times maybe hard but he offers us a helping hand,
The road might be rough, hard not steady,
But he loads off the burden even when things harden,
Being at ease and holding on to the word makes us at peace,
It may seem like a battle we won’t ever win,
In and out we fall still sinning,
Believing is the in thing if we’ll continue winning,
Getting the wake up call,
It's already morning,
Why the moaning,
Ill things you did that’s why you are demeaning,
Come to him willingly and forget about the hiccups,
You have been picked up,
He’s the help we need, that’s for real,
Can’t be compared to any being,
He makes the blind see,
Why be darkened by the darkness,
He’s pulled many from the brink of sin,
So why blink and think twice!

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