Monday, 1 April 2013


Such a nervy day it was,
Did i even hear you right,
Started finding it all hard,
Awe is the word i suppose,
Needed the support,
Who would have thought,
Had to take a long pause,
Happened so fast,
Didn't know how come,
Came at a time when nothing really had meaning,
Not even life,
Am still alive though,
Day after day it gave me a reason for living,
Such a beautiful feeling,
Always felt like a dream,
A hymn is what i had to sing,
I was upper no one would have dragged me under,
Its only thanks i had to utter,
No matter how much i was chocked up,
Couldn't just let myself drown,
Had to calm down,
Deep down i needed to take a breather,
Am out in the cold,
No bonfires at all,
Has turned out to be the usual norm!

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