Thursday, 11 April 2013


When you are at the end of the road,
Pushed to the wall,
Not knowing which way to go,
Things on the down low,
Don't let it burn you inside,
Get to hide,
Look at the brighter side,
Its no mystery,
Despite it being history,
What happened to the dialling darling,
You have to be a fighter,
Things getting tighter,
Don't do quits,
Yes sweets,
It finally hits,
Turned up the heat,
Believing in love,
Is it always in the beginning,
One beautiful thing,
An awesome feeling,
That gives life a true meaning,
But still comes to an ending,
What happened to the promises,
I was once the princess,
Built castles in the air,
Thought we'd get to have an heir,
Seems we weren't yet there!


  1. awesome camila ...slumdeezy is ur fan

  2. Thanx alot slum, i appreciate :-)

  3. So a nice and encouraging motivating article.....