Thursday, 24 October 2013


Soft whispers,
Soothing to my ear,
A kiss he blew,
The love grew,
You were different from the rest,
The best he could ever get,
A rare kind,
Difficult to find,
Even dared to care,
Wearing that ring,
A wife to be,
Him on one knee,
Begging you please,
Screaming in disbelief,
Everyone proud of us,
What we've become,
And not just me,
Get to wear that gown,
Can't hold back,
Just breakdown,
All envious frown,
One huge entourage,
A place of rest,
Away from lifes distress,
Not our usual residence,
An angel,
Showed a different angle to life,
Sent from above,
What a bird,
Was all in the mind,
Just living a lie!

1 comment:

  1. Oh...the tragic pageantry that follows what people would love to believe as the sign of marital bliss....