Monday, 7 October 2013


A triumphant shout,
Said together in unison,
Let us toast to life,
Give a high five,
Who run the world,
Men need us,
That is bound,
We make the world go round,
They have no grounds,
To make us not be crowned,
As sweet as it sounds,
Y'all need to applaud,
Not just blowing the trumpet,
We make things happen,
Behind every successful man,
There is a woman,
Might come at a cost,
But something to boast,
Is worth fighting for,
Just a tip,
Go find your missing rib,
Get a
It's all in your effort,
League another level,
At least we'll consider you straight,
Not hating on the gays,
Everyone has a preferred taste,
Get to suit yourself,
So not unless you are using honey,
Life without love is like tea without sugar,
Not sweet until you find someone who makes you feel complete,
Sweeps you off your feet,
Your knight in shining armor,
Stands by you through thick and thin,
When you start glowing,
That's love growing,
An epic affair,
Is beyond looking good together,
Making a wonderful pair,
Be of good courage,
You'll do marvels,
Breach of trust,
Might take a turn,
Both of you taking charge,
Is urged,
You are one,
Brace yourselves,
Pray for grace,
A few challenges will put you to a test,
Do not succumb to them!


  1. Lovely my dear

  2. this is amazing....good work.
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