Friday, 18 September 2015


when you hear the wails and bite your nails,
when you hit the streets,
On four wheels,
Forgetting you are another being,
When you abide by the rules for he who rules,
When you triumph over once mess than success,
When you get a good book that's food for you,
When you know you've become of age and things need to change,
When you play the game that came with fame,
when you slap yourself hard for not being heard,
when you act tough but having it rough,
when you run fast from your past,
It's not a curse that's been cast,
When you try to wake up from a dream that's real,
When you are perfectly fit but feel terribly sick,
When you need a hug and no one comes by,
They pass us bye,
When you need to preach and everyone's out of reach,
When you despair,
Life not fair,
When you know the world more than the word,
When you hold on knowing all is not lost,
When you unwind,
Getting things off your mind,
When you find Jesus and know He's with us,
When you praise for being raised,
when you see the good He has done and be glad,
when you don't have it all but you still have God,
when you say Amen it shall be well.


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