Monday, 5 October 2015


Giving thanks for her daily,
I hold her close,
The force,
My source of strength,
From the Lord,
Maintained the bond,
Has seen me through all odds,
24hrs on,
Answering every time I called,
Has been faithful,
I’m forever grateful,
I can’t tell how strong I have become,
Moving mountains,
By faith,
Just for her,
In God’s grace,
I found rest,
Stood the test of time,
Knowing He’s the great I AM,
The milestones,
Challenges coming head on,
Reminded me He’s GOD,
I’m to hold on,
Through him battles are won,
For a king is born,
Reaching for the sky,
Flying high,
Bring up a woman,
With a heart of gold,
                                                                             So precious,
Nothing measures,
May God always watch over her,
Give her good health,
Lighten up her path,
Make her life worthwhile,
It’s the love only a mother can feel,
The blessing only a mother can give.
With my two hands I never knew I could,
But Jesus knew I would,
He has proved.

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