Thursday, 10 December 2015


A bet on my life with pounds,
Conscience haunts,
As the pressure mounts,
Won’t fall to the ground,
There’s nothing I haven’t seen,
To lose sleep,
That’s not pinned in the book of deeds,
Root to the weeds,
Biting the hand that feeds,
Thanks giving from the mean,
To pass unmentioned,
On my lips,
Crisp clear,
That ain’t sin,
So who’s clean,
To throw stones,
We let the cock crow,
Raising brows,
To who has no flaws,
Living each day by grace,
On the base,
Looking up to see his face,
Doesn’t see me any less,
Though I make mistakes,
Pull down on the brakes,
My life is at stake,
Tap me to wake,
From this fake,
Make of me,
I’m human,
Made out of man,

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