Tuesday, 17 November 2015


A message for you,
In you I found love,
So true,
Who else would I be with,
If not you,
Added meaning to my life,
Can’t put my fingers to the time,
When falling in love was a crime,
And everything else felt so right,
No longer a dream,
Like it seemed,
Rubbing my eyes to know it’s real,
Deep down to what I feel,
To believe,
A wishful thinking,
Gets me smiling when he’s winking,
You and me,
Makes my heart beat,
Feeling the heat from my feet,
Was with me when I was broken to bits,
Down on my knees,
A couple of dates candle lit,
We are on the right track,
Both stuck,
No peddling back,
When am down,
My shoulder,
Always comes around,
Growing fonder,
As we ponder like there’s no tomorrow,
 The Pillow fights,
We’ve grown so tight,
My sunshine,
Even through the cold nights,
When we’d watch the stars,
 Twinkle So bright,
We rekindled our times,
My giggles,
Every time you whistled,
Holding hands,
In arms,
Such moments don’t pass us ,
You have my best interests at heart,
Hats off for loving me without end,
You are just like me,
My alter ego,
We roll  :-)

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