Friday, 16 August 2013


I'm awakened,
Came a bit late,
But if i backdate,
I had always been in the dark,
Until i decided to adopt a light,
Life is full of surprises,
One got me mesmerized,
Nobody's perfect,
Not even me,
We all have flaws,
I once grew fond,
Had that bond,
All along,
I was wrong,
So odd from the one i believed in,
But now i know,
Got me to my toes,
Closed my eyes to what i could see,
Blinded by love,
Didn't for see,
The rage,
Got me caged in,
A lesson learned,
A page turner,
I'm so over and done,
That's how time flies,
But that was then,
That's why i base it as a fairy tale,
Once upon a time,
You had the best,
 But still settled for less,
It's your loss and i drink to that,
I am the best thing you never had,
 That somebody else now does,
You are part of that dream i woke up from,
Because right now am wide awake,
Thanks to you,
Turned out to be a blessing in disguise!

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