Monday, 26 August 2013


11 o’clock, Just sipping my tea, Flipping over the pages of my sisters new magazine, Having a sneak peek, Before I go to sleep, Was deep into thoughts, Something to do with my blog, Was almost dozing off, Before I got a phone call, A friend of mine, Janey, Been long gone, Took hold, So it happened, As the story unfolds, One of those Saturdays, When you wake up late, Forgetting you had a date, Alarmed, You jump out of bed, Up and down, Getting everything ready, Being the sassy dresser she is, Had to don everything right, In a nick of time, She was done, Got to the next available hunk of junk car, Clutch purse at hand, Off to town, Oldonyo Street, Being the meeting point, All along it was a planned proposal by Jeff, Janey had no idea, She got there first, A bit pissed, Being the gentleman he is, Why is he keeping me waiting? After a while he arrived, Apologized for not being on time, Told her they needed to talk, Saying he’ll make it snappy, Held her hands, Slowly he said, It’s been years, But I’m sorry, I’ve been leading you on for so long, This relationship hasn’t been working out for me, I want something complete, Wasn’t easy for me, Had to gather up courage to do this, Shocked by his words, Janey stood glued, Wearing a poker faced expression, She knew she was in for another break up, What do you mean? Tried to blink, But couldn’t hold back the tears, Not again, It was too much for her, One by one, People started to gather, On seeing this, Jeff went on his knees, From his pocket removed the ring, Janey couldn’t believe her eyes, She wept even more, Tears of happiness this time, She’s been waiting for this moment for ages, It was finally here, Another title to her name, Was a sight to behold, Jeff said,
It’s only been four years, But I want you for a lifetime, You are the best I ever had, I want to make you mine, Janey, Will you marry me? You rarely get proposals being done on the streets, This one was unique!

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