Thursday, 19 September 2013


You had eyes
But you couldn't see,
You tossed a coin
Forgetting there are two sides to it,
You started a race
That you couldn't finish,
You walked on fire
But you chose to let it burn,
You wrote a song
But you couldn't sing.,
You played a tune
But you couldn't dance to it,
You made promises
That you couldn't keep,
You are full of pride
Might make you fall back,
I grew nails
That i later came to bite,
You had ears
But you couldn't hear,
You told lies
That you wanted somebody else to believe,
You are lion the king of the jungle
But why are you being cowed,
You are the prince
But why are you chasing poor cinderella,
You once made sense
They thought it was pure nonsense,
You are strong
Continue pressing on,
You are short
That's why you stand up tall,
You have the answers
So fill in the blanks,
I grew nails
That i later came to bite.

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