Wednesday, 4 September 2013

AN MEINEM GEBURTSTAG (on my birthday)

It's a baby girl,
Was cuddled,
 A bundle of joy,
Brought fun to a dull house,
 On 4th September,
I got to be a member,
 How many do remember,
Happy birthday to me,
By his grace i still live,
 Able to breathe,
In him i believe,
Gives me all i need,
 I hear it's nothing but a number,
My math right, Just turned twenty three,
A bath right,
Twenty three buckets of water,
 All on me,
That's the show,
 I disclose,
Still with my folks though,
No hoax, Living the dream,
In my prime of life,
Might come in as a shocker,
 A broader perspective,
Now a year older,
 Pretty young or old,
I'm caught in between,
Blessings i have seen,
 Even my eyes can't believe this,
 An extra candle lit,
Another wish for me,
There's much in store,
Rekindles my hope,
With great zeal,
Hurdles i handled,
 My entire being,
Woven into a date,
A few changes made,
A day i can't forget,
More of being indebted,
Having an exuberant mood,
Finger licking food to get you full,
A luscious cake being baked,
 A kick start to my morning,
 Sweet smelling rose,
On my door,
At the break of dawn,
The only time everyone gets home in a jiffy,
 There isn't any stormy weather,
The sky is brighter than ever,
Yippee....finally in my fluffy coat,
Not so choosy after all,
 Can't wait to lay my hands on the gifts,
Presents for me to receive,
Party like a rock star,
I'm the star tonight,
Shining bright up high!

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