Monday, 30 September 2013


Do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that have no more that they can do(luke12:4)
We are one,
We need to unite,
Yes we can,
Pangs of sadness,
Was sudden,
We lost lives,
Dry your tears,
No need to cry,
Living in fear,
Asking questions why,
It's hard saying goodbye,
Losing someone you love,
A family member or a friend,
Feels like you've been pushed to a dead end,
You just need a break,
But all is not lost,
Keep hope alive,
The patriotic citizens we are,
We've come a long way,
Had so much to grapple with,
To part ways,
We are one nation,
Even in times of tension,
We need that cohesion,
Let them lose sleep,
Because we are at peace,
Before they blink,
 We'll be at the peak,
United we stand,
They can attack,
But they cannot kill who we are,
We are one!

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