Wednesday, 1 February 2012


It was a huge and eye catching vase,
Who in all the names had a fling that it actually costs a fortune,
So simple yet full of class and touch,
Part of a mere introduction of the most distinguished and upholded till eternity,
A gaze of the many pot bellied mouths of rainbow throwaways,
so small but then again very high and mighty,
The unbeaten bitter taste of the real and renowned warriors of the game,
Tik- tok to the unknown visitor of redemption, so sophisticated and honoured,
The soft wind just swaying dust in its utmost serene brimming humanity with blindness and blinking our watery eyes from draining,
A fore tale of the red Indians told
So true but then again a section of the latter legendary too many,
The only broad way of what we believe and not what we truly see with our naked eyes.