Thursday, 9 February 2012


I personally have a wish
So strong, so passionate
Some have it ……. others still looking for it
An admiration of the perfect match that the world has offered
So nice from afar since I view it from a distance and my hands can’t stretch far from my joints.
Painful it has always been and adios to the bad old days. A different highway of beautiful thoughts and wishes is actually what captivates me to await tomorrow's outcome.
The perfect play of the lucky ones with a more fascinating story and scenario of pure passion that no wine can reach its true level of class .
A pinch of the true identity of who we truly are, is what I cant shun down as if it has no existence.
A wishful thinking of joy and happiness put forward by a rightful decision that has been acted upon in the hope that all goes well and passes fully into people’s lives.
A clear indication of one true artifact to withhold in every serene lodge and exquisite palace.
A wishful thinking of true love and happiness.....!

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